Visionnement du film “Sans terre, c’est la faim” le 19 mars en partenariat avec LIFF

Visionnement du film “Sans terre, c’est la faim” le 19 mars en partenariat avec LIFF
March 19, 2014 admin

The 29th Lethbridge International Film Festival is running at the Lethbridge Public Library’s main branch Theatre Gallery. We encourage you to view a gala of films that will stimulate your thoughts and to join in the discussions followed after the films. Each film is lead by a discussant who is an expert in the topic dealt by the film maker in the film. For more information on LIFF, please visit their facebook page for more details:

Watch the trailers of the festival movies at:

This festival, organized by the extraordinary committee members of the Lethbridge International Film Festival, runs from March 17th to 21st at 7pm and on Saturday 22nd at 2pm.

Venue: Lethbridge Public Library (main branch) Theatre Gallery. Admission is free. Donations are gratefully received.

Film Line Up: Monday- Revolution 72 mins ; Tuesday- Oil Sands Karaoke 82 mins ; Wednesday-No Land, No Food, No Life 95mins ; Thursday- Dirty Wars 86 mins ; Friday- World Before Her 91 mins ; Saturday-Rising from the Ashes 90 mins

cInéMAGINE is excited to be collaborating in the screening of the Wednesday night feature film: No Land, No Food, No Life. The discussant for this movie, Dr. Denis Gaudet, will answer questions in both English and French.

To view the movie trailer :

Bon cinéma!Le film “No Land, No Food, No Life/Sans terre, c’est la faim” sera présenté ce soir à 19h à la bibliothèque municipale de Lethbridge en partenariat avec le Lethbridge International Film Festival. Une discussion bilingue sera animée par Dr. Denis Gaudet après la présentation. Voici un lien pour la bande-annonce du film:

A noter que c’est la 29 édition de ce festival international à Lethbridge. Des films seront présentés toute la semaine (17 – 22 mars, 2014) et nous vous encourageons de jeter un coup d’oeil sur leur programmation exceptionnelle!

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