Shorty Film Festival

Shorty Film Festival
June 8, 2015 admin

The "Night of Short Films"

The "Night of Short Films," also known as "Shorty Film Festival" is an event organized by cInéMAGINE to promote short films worldwide. The event, certified bilingual, encourages filmmakers of all ages to broadcast their short film in public.

The activity promotes, using the mascot Shorty, inspired by "Jack and the Beanstalk," the art of film in two parts.

At all times, the filmmakers can approach the company cInéMAGINE so that it helps them promote their short films.

The second part of the evening is reserved for the films that were submitted during the contest, the race for submissions. The winner, nominated by the public in the evening, received the "Audience Award cInéMAGINE." This price shall be accompanied by a scholarship (amount may vary from one event to the other).

The event, sponsored by none other than the Big Rock Brewery, promises the best in craft beer!

The big winner of the "Audience Award cInéMAGINE" during the "Night of Short Films" in Lethbridge in May 2013 Patrick Aubert with his short films " Robert & la rousse "His 2010 short film was released at the Rendez-vous cInéMAGINE in Calgary in June 2013.

Who will be the next winner at the "Night of the short films" in Calgary in February 2014? To be continued ...

The "Night of Shorts" is an event that wanders from region to region as the Rendezvous cInéMAGINE if you want to welcome our little shorty in your city, contact us today!

Night of the short films in 2015

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Shows | Night of the short films in 2015

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